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Information Delegates

TLC Delegates & Committees - March 2012

TLC Executive Board

Chairman:                              Ivan Posey, Eastern Shoshone

Vice-Chairman:                       Winfield Russell, Northern Cheyenne

Secretary:                             VACANT

Treasurer:                             Alvin J. Not Afraid, Jr., Crow

Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)

Administration for Children & Families Tribal Advisory Council (ACF-TAC)

Delegate:  VACANCY

Alternate:  VACANCY


American Indian Alaska Native Health Research Advisory Council (AIAN-HRAC) *

Delegate:  Patty Quisno - Council Member, Ft. Belknap

Alternate:  Darrin Old Coyote - Chairman, Crow 


BIA Budget Advisory Council (TIBC)

Delegate:  VACANCY

Delegate:  Alvin J. Not Afraid, Jr. – Secretary, Crow Tribal Council

Alternate: VACANCY

Alternate: VACANCY

Alternate:  Darwin St. Clair Jr. – Council Member, E. Shoshone


Center for Disease Control & Prevention/Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry Tribal Advisory Committee (CDC/ATSDR TAC)

Delegate:  Patty Quisno – Council Member, Ft. Belknap 

Alternate:  Charles Headdress - Council Member, Ft. Peck Tribal Executive Baord  


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Tribal Technical Advisory Group (CMS-TTAG)

Delegate:  Darwin St. Clair, Jr. – Chairman, E. Shoshone

Alternate: Al Addison Sr. - Council Member, N. Arapaho 

Alternate:  VACANCY


Department of Justice Tribal Nations Leadership Council (TNLC)

Delegate: VACANCY

Alternate: VACANCY

Alternate: Merlin Sioux - Council Member, N. Cheyenne 


Direct Service Tribes Tribal Advisory Committee (DSTAC)

Delegate:  Marlene Red Neck – Council Member, N. Cheyenne

Delegate:  Garrett Big Leggins – Council Member, Ft. Peck

Alternate:  Charles Headdress – Council Member, Ft. Peck


Facilities Appropriations Advisory Board (FAAB)

Delegate:  Charles Headdress – Council Member, Ft. Peck

Delegate:  Shawn Backbone – Vice-Secretary, Crow

Alternate:  Merlin Sioux - Council Member, N. Cheyenne


Indian Health Service - IHS Budget Formulation Workgroup

Delegate:  Charles Headdress - Council Member, Ft. Peck

Delegate:  L. Jace Killsback - Council Member, N. Cheyenne

Alternate:  Darwin St. Clair Jr. – Chairman, E. Shoshone 


IHS Director’s Tribal Advisory Workgroup on Consultation (DTAWC)

Delegate:  Charles Headdress - Council Member, Ft. Peck

Alternate:  Darrin Old Coyote - Chairman, Crow


Indian Reservation Roads Program Committee (IRR) - (AKA Tribal Transportation)

Delegate:  Tracy Robinson – Council Member, N. Cheyenne

Alternate:  VACANCY 


National Tribal Advisory Committee on Behavior Health (NTACBH)

Delegate:  VACANCY

Alternate:  VACANCY                                                                                                                                                            


SAMHSA Tribal Technical Advisory Group (STTAC)

Delegate: VACANCY

Alternate:  Darrin Old Coyote - Chairman, Crow

Alternate:  Darrell O'Neal Sr. - Chairman, N. Arapaho


HHS Secretary’s Tribal Advisory Committee (STAC-HHS)

Delegate:  VACANCY

Alternate:  Darrin Old Coyote, Chairman, Crow Tribe

At Large:  VACANCY


Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee (TLDC) Representative *

Delegate:  VACANCY

Delegate:  Patty Quisno – Council Member, Ft. Belknap

Alternate:  VACANCY                                              


Non-FACA Committees


National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) 

Delegate:  Ivan Posey – Council Member, E. Shoshone

Alternate:  VACANCY


National Indian Health Board (NIHB) Representative

Delegate:  L. Jace Killsback – Council Member, N. Cheyenne

Alternate:  Charles Headdress - Council Member, Ft. Peck


Coalition of Large Tribes (COLT)

Delegate:  Darrin Old Coyote - Chairman, Crow

Alternate:  Ronald K. Oldman - Co-Chair, N. Arapaho

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