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TLC Programs

Montana Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council Overview

MT-WY Tribal Leaders Council Overview

MISSION/VISION STATEMENT In order to preserve and maintain our homelands, defend our Tribe’s
rights under our Indian Treaties with the United States, to speak in a unified voice, to offer support to
our people, to afford ourselves a forum in which to consult each other, to enlighten each other about our
peoples, and to otherwise uniformly promote the common welfare of all of the Indian Reservation peoples
of Montana and Wyoming. . .
►Conduct Information Flow and Exchange
• Review of Grants.gov for notice of funds available
• Review of News for Indian Impact
• Review of Federal Department/Agency Websites
• Review of Federal Register and distribute applicable notices affecting area Tribes
• Review of Appropriate Websites
►Tribally Driven: We listen to tribal leaders and seek funding, support programs, and provide
assistance where tribal leaders have expressed needs.
• Sub-Committees: The MTWYTLC derives Tribal input through the various subcommittees of
interest. Examples of these are:
▪ Health
▪ Transportation
• Monthly Board Meetings: The MTWYTLC has annual agendas, minutes, and resolutions pertaining
to the areas of interest to the Tribes and Tribal Governments.
►Large Land Based: The MTWYTLC was instrumental in the planning and development of the Council
of Large Land Based Tribes and continues to support and advocate for the high priority ranking of
issues to the large land base and large Indian population Tribes and regions.
• Eight (8) Reservations – For specific reference please see our website at www.mtwytlc.com
• Ten (10) Tribal Governments
►Large Traditional Population:
• 125,000 Tribal Members It is the estimate of the MTWYTLC that the overall Indian population for
Montana (MT) & Wyoming (WY) can be counted as 125,000
►Non-Competitive with Tribes: The MT WY Tribal Leaders Council is committed to seek funding
streams to accomplish Tribal priorities that are non- competitive with Tribal governments.
• Actively Seek Funding Streams that do not adversely impact on Tribal proposal development
►Enabling Resolution: The MTWYTLC in a duly convened Board Meeting in 2002 did authorize the
Executive Director to seek funding streams necessary to maintain operations of the TLC and to provide
support to local Tribes through subcontracts.
• Authorization for Executive Director to seek Funding
►Annual Audits/Management Letter – Since 2000 the MTWYTLC has engaged Annual Financial
Audits which have been deemed ‘clean’ audits. The past and current audit are based on the same
principles of a single audit to which each Tribal Government must adhere.
• The MTWYTLC has actively recruited and retained well Qualified and Experienced Financial
Management Staff
• Certified Public Accountant – Jeannine Cozzens
• Qualified and Credentialed Audit Firm – Joseph Eves –Certified Public Accountants
►Tribal Opt In/Opt Out
• Each Tribe has the option of ‘opting – in or opting – out’ of any specific grant application or to be
part of a Consortium
• Each Tribe can submit on their own and receive a letter of support from MTWYTLC.
►Maintain cooperative working relationships with Senators, Representatives, State Legislators,
University Systems, Rocky Mountain College, WESTAT, University of South Dakota/SANFORD,
Law school, other Tribal organizations such as Native American Development Corporation (NADC),
Montana Indian Education Association (MIEA), etc. The MTWYTLC actively participates in national
policy formulation organizations for example:
• National
▪ National Governmental Consultations
▪ Budget Formulation
▪ Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee (TLDC), Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA),
Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996 (NAHASDA), Inter-
Tribal Trust Monitoring Association (ITMA)
▪ Governmental Committees
▪ Council of Large Land Based Tribes
▪ National Congress of American Indians
▪ National Indian Health Board
▪ National Indian Gaming Association
• Regional
▪ Region VIII Consultation
▪ IHS & BIA budget Formulation
▪ Rocky Mountain Region-Bureau of Indian Affairs
▪ Billings Area Indian Health Service
• State:
▪ Montana-Coordinator of Indian Affairs
▪ Montana-State Tribal Economic Development
▪ Wyoming-Coordinators of Indian Affairs
• Annual Health Conference
• Youth Academy, Health Promotion Disease Prevention Activities,
• Assessment of possibility of MTWYTLC assuming role of Institutional Review Board (IRB) from
Indian Health Service (IHS)
• Methamphetamine Prevention Conference
• Board Meetings
• States of Montana/Wyoming Meetings and Conferences
►Steady Growth and Development: Please refer to chart of annual grants and contracts.
• Gradual and Steady growth in Funding and Staff
►Sub-Contracts to Tribal Governments-Tribal Health Departments (See Chart)
Our network and computer systems are secured with the latest hardware and software products and
crucial data is password protected and only accessible to the Tribal designees. The data is backed up
in our electronic records system daily.
• Video Conference & Tele-conference capacity has been increased - Video Conference & Teleconference
capacity has been increased to speeds of 1024 kbs. We have developed the ability to
video conference with members of Congress as well as Universities and Agencies nationwide. We
are working on developing tribal video conferencing capabilities in the future for all tribes with the
hub centralized in our offices.
• Internet – Information Technology is a crucial part to MTWYTLC. Information dissemination to all
Montana and Wyoming Tribes takes place daily. The MTWYTLC website receives over 11,000
hits a month and features a wealth of information on Tribal issues and documents. News and
events are updated daily on the website, as well as current Tribal Council lists and departmental
information pertaining to the successes and concerns or our Tribal Nations.
• Server – Implementing electronic record keeping system for the organization and established
password protected databases for Tribes
• Financial Software Package
►Two resolutions for establishing MTWYTLC Research Center & Rocky Mountain Tribal
Epidemiology Center

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