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TLC Programs Inter-Tribal Wellness Center

Inter-Tribal Wellness Center First Ever Certified White Bison Treatment Center

For Immediate Release – June 1, 2011

Contact: Gordon Belcourt

406-252-2550 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  




Inter-Tribal Wellness Center First Ever Certified White Bison Treatment Center



Conf and ITWC 017The Inter-Tribal Wellness Center (ITWC) is now the first ever certified White Bison Treatment Center.  Don Coyhis, President and Founder of White Bison travelled with the Sacred Hoop to the ITWC on May 19 to present the honors.  “Indian Country has been waiting for this to happen for a long time,” said Don Coyhis during the certification ceremony.

White Bison began the Wellbriety Movement, which brings hope, healing, unity and forgiveness to individuals, families, communities and Native American Nations in the United States and Canada.  Certification from White Bison means the treatment center meets the cultural and spiritual needs of Native Americans in treatment.

“Tribes and Indian people of the Rocky Mountain region will continue to need culturally appropriate treatment and follow-up,” says Gordon Belcourt, Executive Director of the MT-WY Tribal Leaders Council, “I am very optimistic that the ITWC will provide services that will establish the center as a best practice in the field of chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders.  As we provide a higher level of services and recruit professional staff, our goal is to offer advocacy and treatment for our Indian people.  It is now time for the Tribes, Tribal Health Departments, Chemical Dependency Programs, Indian Health Service, and Traditional Practitioners to unite and secure a common voice for those that are in need of treatment and that are seeking to become productive members of their Tribe and Community.”


Completing certification requirements enables the Inter-Tribal Wellness Center to be recognized as a preferred site; one that provides cultural and spiritual support for Native Americans in need of alcohol or drug treatment services.  White Bison staff and resources will be available to provide consulting and additional training and resources to ITWC staff, who will also receive culturally oriented training and support systems to enrich treatment approaches.  White Bison will provide evaluation assistance to monitor the recovery progress of their clients.   White Bison will also refer clients to ITWC from Native American communities across the nation.

In order to achieve certification the Inter-Tribal Wellness Center must employ at least one Native American state certified alcohol counselor, work with Native American elders who advise and conduct ceremonies, and employ a sober working staff. The center has two state certified counselors, five wellbriety mentors and tribal elder support.

For more information on the Inter-Tribal Wellness Center contact Myron Little Bird at 307-750-2534.  Website: http://mtwytlc.org


ITWC White Bison Press Release.doc


A Holistic Resolution for a Comprehensive Problem


  1. The InterTribal Wellness Center will be a Tribally owned and operated substance abuse treatment, recovery and personal development center.
  2. The InterTribal Wellness Center will offer residential treatment to all individuals eligible for treatment form any of the Tribal health departments in Montana and Wyoming . It can also be the residential treatment program for the urban Indian centers.
  3. The residential treatment program will be coordinated with the Tribal treatment programs, including planning and oversight by Tribal Behavioral Health and CD directors, collaboration with file sharing, and a reduced residential treatment cost for all Tribal groups. Treatment options will include the presence of Tribal- specific spiritual leaders to facilitate healing.
  4. The InterTribal Wellness Center will develop an endowment to sustain the program and reduce costs to the Tribes, as well as develop enterprises that will help the Center remain economically viable
  5. The overall goals of the InterTribal Wellness Center incorporate a complex array of services to a fully and successfully functioning enterprise that serves the mental, physical and spiritual needs of the people in need of services and the supporting communities in general.
  6. This calls for a reasoned and steady development of the Center and its programs so that growth is properly managed and developed on a solid financial and programmatic basis.
  7. We propose to sustain the project through ongoing fund raising and development of an endowment.


About the Facility

The potential that is offered by this facility seems endless. The property includes 638 acres of both hilly and level pasture land. A river runs through the property and sweat lodges have been built on its banks. There are high points/ledges, private nooks etc. that are conducive to vision quests, pipe ceremonies and other activities that often contribute to American Indians' healing and wellness. The architecture of the building incorporates an impressive modern design that allows natural light into the entire facility. The facility has large water wells that can serve the facility at full capacity and is designed to accommodate several more previously planned structures. The facility is located in a sufficiently isolated area where the client's attention to recovery is enhanced yet it is sufficiently close to Sheridan to provide services and supplies. The Crow/Northern Cheyenne hospital is reasonably close to offer emergency medical services as needed.

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