Tribes Shoshone-Bannock


  • Nathan Small, Chairman
  • LeeJuan Tyler, Vice Chair
  • Mitzi L. Sabori, Secretary
  • Tino Batt, Treasurer
  • Devon Boyer, Sgt of Arms
  • Blaine J. Edmo
  • E. Darrell Dixey

PO Box 306
Fort Hall, ID 83203
Phone:  208-478-3700
Fax:  208-478-3852


The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes are located in Southeastern Idaho. The tribal government offices and most tribal business enterprises are located eight miles north of Pocatello in Fort Hall. The Fort Hall Reservation was established by the Fort Bridger Treaty of 1868 as a 1.8 million acre homeland for the four distinct bands of Shoshone and one Northern Paiute band, the Bannock, that once inhabited this region. Between 1868 and 1932, the reservation landbase was reduced by more than two-thirds due to non-Indian encroachment on the land. Today, the reservation consists of 544,000 acres, nestled between the cites of Pocatello, American Falls and Blackfoot, and is divided into five districts: Fort Hall, Lincoln Creek, Ross Fork, Gibson and Bannock Creek. The tribes are proud to say that 96% of that land still remains in tribal and individual Indian ownership.

More than 70 percent of the tribes' approximately 5,300 enrolled tribal members still reside on the reservation. The tribes employ nearly 1,000 Native and non-Native people in various trades: 575 in tribal government, 85 by the enterprises and more than 300 by gaming, with a combined payroll of more than $30 million. The tribal government is increasingly focused on building the tribes' economy and ensuring the protection and enhancement of the reservation landbase for generations to come.

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